“ Your organization will need to personalize to compete. It’s just a matter of when, and how to make the efforts successful and sustainable. ”

Associations: Personalization Requires Reflection & Governance

By Jacqui Olkin

As digital communications mature and competition on web and mobile increases, we see more personalized digital experiences—sites and apps that seem to know us and be able to deliver just what we want and need.

So what does that mean for you?

Personalized experiences can mean different things to different organizations, but the idea is to provide content, services, and promotions tailored to what we already know about the user or customer. We’ve all had that experience by now of making a purchase with one click, enabled by our previous shopping history on the same site.  Or being able to quickly get a ride home because the ride hailing app knows where home is.

Modern content management systems provide robust personalization features as well as seamless integration with marketing engines and ecommerce platforms. The end result for your users is a seamless experience coupled with personalized content delivered to them with contextual relevance.

For member-based organizations, personalized views of content and services can be extremely valuable to the members/customers, and to the organization. Personalization helps meet customers’ …

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