Can your target audiences find the content they want on your site (or app)? Are you able to cross-sell and recommend content and offerings relevant to users’ needs? Does your site make it easy to understand what you offer and how to engage with you–buy, register, join, share content, etc.? If not, you may need help with information architecture and taxonomy.

We have extensive experience doing information architecture and taxonomy for websites, intranets, and mobile applications that need to–

  • communicate, engage, and/or sell on multiple platforms
  • deliver a lot of content, in various formats
  • serve multiple audiences
  • tell important stories
  • maximize productivity

Information architecture is more than just site maps and wireframes. It’s navigation  that supports your business goals and engages your audiences.


Information architecture (IA) is the structure of the site—the way content is grouped, labeled, and presented on the page. Without an information architecture that makes sense to users, your website, mobile app, or system can’t be successful.

Taxonomy is the system of classification that helps make content retrievable through navigation and search. Taxonomy also allows cross-referencing, indexing, filtering, and sorting of content in a site with a content management system. A solid taxonomy has become a necessary feature of content-rich, dynamic sites.

Even if you don’t plan a full-scale redesign, adjustments to your existing information architecture and/or taxonomy can produce tangible benefits. When users find information and services easily, your business benefits.

Our Approach

  • “discovery” to understand your organization, your goals, and your audiences
  • analysis of your current site structure and content
  • detailed site maps (diagrams of the overall site structure)  and wireframes (diagrams of page layouts and functional elements)
  • taxonomy documentation, to plan how content will be classified and delivered in a targeted manner
  • user-testing, to ensure usability of the new navigation scheme

Contact us for information about how your website or intranet can benefit from information architecture and taxonomy.

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