Information architecture and taxonomy are all about organizing, labeling, and classifying information so your audiences–and search engines–can find it easily.

Can your target audiences easily find the content they want on your site, intranet, or app? Are you able to create topic-based pages and other collections of content based on common attributes? Can you cross-sell and recommend relevant content and offerings? Do you have only fresh, useful content, and nothing outdated or unnecessary?

If you answered “No” to any of the questions above, we can help. We have decades of experience organizing, labeling, and classifying content in digital properties large and small, including complex, multi-platform digital environments cohesive and easy to use.

We also offer content strategy and governance services to help ensure you can maintain your information architecture and classification successfully over time.


Information architecture is how your content and functions are grouped, labeled, and presented on the page. Your new information architecture will be represented in site map diagrams and other documentation.

Taxonomy is the system of classification that helps relate content items to each other. Taxonomy enables cross-referencing, filtering, and recommendations based on users’ interests. A solid taxonomy has become a necessary feature of content-rich, dynamic websites. We can review, harmonize, and improve your existing classifications and tags, or develop a new taxonomy.

Contact us to talk about how your digital properties can benefit from information architecture and taxonomy.

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