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Making Clinical Content Easier for Nurses to Find

When nurses need information from their professional organization, they usually need it right away. Our client’s outdated website had clinical guidance, continuing education, Q&As, and discussion on a wealth of topics, but this content was spread throughout the website and hard to find. Additionally, content items on the same topic were not cross-referenced to each other.

Our redesign started with a website assessment and user research to learn what site users wanted and needed. With this knowledge of our users in mind, we advised our client on culling and reorganizing the content. We created logical navigation categories, making content more easily discoverable by browsing. We also provided a taxonomy (content classification scheme) so content could be listed, cross-referenced, and filtered by topic, format, and other meaningful characteristics. Our search partners implemented a federated search tool that allows site search to pull results from all our client’s content repositories.

The resulting website,, makes it quicker and easier for website visitors to understand what the site contains, find what they need quickly, and see the value of joining the organization to get access to members-only content and discussion.